Kenya: Phase I, Stakeholder workshop, Kenya NAMA proposal on geothermal acceleration

The MitigationMomentum team in Kenya helped the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources / Climate Change Secretariat organize a 1-day workshop concerning the development of a geothermal NAMA in Kenya.

This workshop was well attended by a variety of government stakeholders (approx. 25 participants), and served as an introduction of the work on NAMAs and more specifically the development of the geothermal NAMA. The work undertaken in the first phase of the MitigationMomentum project was presented, followed by a discussion on the barriers facing the sectors and potential actions that could overcome these barriers – which could potentially be incorporated into the NAMA.

The background study prepared by the MitigationMomentum team was also presented, and can be found below.


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