Partner Countries - Kenya

NAMA for access to modern energy services through RE

Kenya was involved in the first phase of the Mitigation Momentum project. The project focused on supporting efforts to bring forward geothermal development as a NAMA (GEO-NAMA). The government submitted the GEO-NAMA to the UNFCCC NAMA Registry, as well as the UK/German NAMA Facility for funding of the first phase.

Under the second phase of the Mitigation Momentum project (2014 – 2015), the government of Kenya has requested continued support for NAMA development, and more specifically, the development of a new NAMA for Renewable Energy (RE-NAMA). The focus will be on rural, household energy service provision through renewable energy. This focus is aligned with the Kenya Vision 2030, the National Climate Change Action Plan (NCCAP), as well as the Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) initiative. The NCCAP identifies an abatement potential to 2030 of 7.3 MtCO2e (improved and modern cook stoves), with co-benefits including improved health outcomes from reduced indoor air pollution, lower fuelwood demand and deforestation, and potential cost savings to households.

The further refinement of the general topic and scope of the RE-NAMA will take place in November, 2014, with a fully developed concept to be finalised by April, 2015. The project will support the government to register the RE-NAMA on the UNFCCC NAMA registry before the end of the project and support applications to different funding bodies for implementation.

NAMA proposal for accelerated geothermal electricity development in Kenya - November 2014

Mitigation Momentum Flyer Kenya - Nov 2013