Partner Countries - Thailand

NAMA for improving energy efficiency in Thai industries

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment: Office of the Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning (ONEP); Ministry of Energy: Energy Planning and Policy Office (EPPO) and the Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE)

Thailand is a partner in the second phase of the Mitigation Momentum project, and ECN has been working with the Thai partners since May 2014 to find a suitable sector and narrow down the scope and focus of the NAMA. The aim is to work together to develop a finance-ready NAMA proposal on energy efficiency in the industrial sector by October 2015, and to assist the government in preparing an application to potential funders.

The starting point for the NAMA work is the 20 year national Energy Efficiency Development (EEDP) plan, which outlines Thailand’s ambitions on energy efficiency for the period 2011-2030. ONEP has requested the project to work on energy efficiency in the industrial sector. Three focus areas are being analysed for consideration: 1) focus on the automotive industry, 2) support for innovative technologies under the (upcoming) energy savings obligation scheme, and 3) promoting the uptake of energy service companies (ESCOs) catering to small and medium enterprises.

The team expects to finalise the preparation phase of the project mid November 2014, and will continue to develop a full NAMA concept in the second phase (Nov 2014- Apr 2015). The third and fourth phase are expected to run in parallel from April to November 2015, simultaneously developing a finance ready NAMA proposal and supporting the government with securing international funding for the NAMA.